Choca-rocka biscuit

Thick, dark chocolate biscuit packed with nuts and fruit—that happens to be vegan and gluten and sugar-free

“If you like a lotta chocolate on your biscuit...” begins the jingle of a famous childhood treat—and, upon approaching the choca-rocka, our first thought is how easily repurposed it could be to accommodate Cinnamon Tree Bakery’s creation.

Were it not for the heavy hand of copyright law, these merry bakers could nick a few lyrics, sing their richly chocolatey biscuit’s praises and only profit by the comparison: for who could have imagined, in those dry, pre-British culinary renaissance days of pre-sliced cheese and over-boiled vegetables, that a biscuit could boast almonds, puffed rice, dates, cranberries and dark chocolate, all thickly layered, and yet be vegan and sugar and gluten free?

Not Lois, who works on the stall. “It is amazing,” he marvels. “There’s so much going on, and yet it’s vegan and has no sugar.” Instead, the sweetness is created by date syrup, cranberries, and cocoa, while the nuts add texture (and protein). “It’s very popular as an afternoon pick me up,” he continues.

Enjoy with a cuppa, or straight from the brown paper bag if you’re on the run. Just don’t sing that song—or if you must, sing it quietly.