Chocolate and hazelnut meringues

A small but satisfying treat from Karaway Bakery

At first sight, they seem too small to hit the sacred spot we know as Friday feeling. At second glance—well, they’re still small, but there’s more than meets the eye to these snowy morsels of meringue, hazelnut and chocolate at Karaway Bakery.

“They’re sweet, but they aren’t too sweet. The nuts cut through the sugary meringue. It's the combination of that with the chocolate pieces which makes them really tasty,” says Poppy at the stall. The first bite is messy in a manner entirely disproportionate to its size, so have a hoover to hand. Or a napkin.

The second, taken with more care now you’ve meringue all over you, is even more sumptuous than before. “The ingredients are natural: there are no preservatives, no additives; just egg whites, sugar, hazelnuts and milk chocolate,” Poppy continues. Cut finely, mixed up and melded in the meringue mixture, getting a chocolate piece is like finding a two-pounds coin in a pile of spare change.

Silky sweetness
Except it's better, because the chocolate is a) not a rare occurrence and b) tastier, the chip melting with silky sweetness while the crisp meringue crumbles around it before fizzing gently on your tongue tip.

The hazelnuts are a different story. You can see these even before you open the pack, their lumpy, slightly misshapen forms bulging through the meringue as invitingly as a cosy chalet through blizzarding snow. The experience doesn't disappoint either: the crunch of buttery, roasted nut providing a welcome relief from the rush of pure sugar.

“They're pretty addictive once you've tried them,” Poppy continues, and we can believe it. Small does not necessarily mean insubstantial. Well aimed, a chocolate and hazelnut meringue can hit the spot bang on.