Chocolate fondant

A squidgy and decadently sweet end-of-week treat from Comptoir Gourmand

There is a famous scene in the film Chef which has immortalised the chocolate fondant forever in our minds. The chef in question, played by a burly Jon Favreau, loses his rag (to put it politely) at a critic who had the audacity to judge his fondant overcooked. “It IS gooey,” he shouts furiously, grabbing the besieged fondant and squishing it demonstrably in front of the critic’s nose. “See! Goo!” he throws the crumpled fondant down on the table—embarrassed, but vindicated nevertheless by the syrupy streaks of chocolate it leaves behind it.

There are no such scenes at Comptoir Gourmand of course—but then, we defy any critic to accuse their fondants of being anything other than dreamy. They’re irreproachably cooked. “They are my favourite,” says Ameen on the stall. “I love it heated with vanilla ice cream after dinner, or cold with coffee mid-morning.” The best time to have them, he says, is “as an end of week treat.”

A miracle in cake form
Containing no more and no less than butter, dark chocolate, eggs, sugar and cocoa powder of the highest quality, they are a miracle in cake form: firm with just the slightest crust and a dusting of cocoa bitterness on the outside; squidgy and decadently sweet and syrupy within.

Ameen is right: ice cream works like a charm, but coffee is equally qualified to cut through the sugar rush. In fact, have your fondant however you fancy. Just don’t throw it around. This is London’s Borough Market, not Hollywood.