Chocolate skeletons

Cinnamon Tree Bakery’s handmade biscuits get a spooky makeover

Fried eggs. Foam bananas. Strawberry laces. Fruit pastilles. For most British kids growing up in the years before Halloween overtook Guy Fawkes in status, these gummy shots of sugar and E-numbers were standard trick or treating fare. Sure, some parents were cool enough to indulge in Tangfastics, but the majority raided the back of the cupboard for the likes of old party bags, with scant regard for seasonal relevance.

These days however, you’ll have more luck finding a genuine monster than you will a treat that isn’t Halloween themed at this time of year. We’re not complaining of course—as committed members of the Halloween fan club, we can’t get enough of jelly brains and chocolate eyeballs—but some scary sweets are better than others, and if you’re going to allow your kids their entire weekly allowance of sugar in one sitting, you might as well make it decent. This brings us to Cinnamon Tree Bakery, and the Halloween costumes which are the envy of biscuits all over town.

Come mid-October, each innocent gingerbread, shortcake and elephant biscuit receives a grand spooky makeover—like a baddie in Scooby Doo, but with more intelligence and icing. The skeleton is Maximo’s favourite—the bakery’s classic elephant biscuit reimagined as a terrifying spectre of bones, rendered in chocolate and meringue.

Tantalising and terrifying
“It is fantastic—quite chocolatey, and snappy, which is a sign of freshness,” Maximo continues. The bakers press a wood stencil into the dough and fill the grooves with egg white before baking it. The resulting vision—an iridescent, decayed body looming out of a chocolatey darkness—is both tantalising, and terrifying to behold.