Christmas sausage rolls

The Ginger Pig’s famous pork pastry, with a festive twist

“If you're going to do something, do it big and do it well” is Tim Wilson’s philosophy: founder and farmer of The Ginger Pig which turned a grand old 21 on Tuesday. The proof of it is in the 2,500 sausage rolls Ginger Pig’s Yorkshire-based bakers roll out every day, to be baked on site and served fresh each morning.

“Big” is an understatement. Each sausage roll contains a whopping 240 grams of sausage meat—many, many times that of its high street equivalent. Indeed, so vast is the difference, it’s an injustice to even compare the two.

Where the latter is a flaky, all-pastry excuse of a sausage roll, the former comprises a rich, buttery, blanket that peels away (if, like us, you're a pastry picker) to reveal a rich wealth of pink-tinged, well-seasoned sausage meat.

Ups the ante
Come Christmas time, Tim ups the ante. Inspired by December’s “fantastic seasonal produce”, he and his head baker, Les, give a festive twist to their sausage roll by studding the sausage meat with bright cranberries and a staple of the season's cheeseboard, Long Clawson stilton.

The result is Christmas in a pastry: all the pleasure of strong, herby sausage meat, perked up with sharp bursts of cranberries which gleam scarlet within the dense mix, rounded off with the meltingly smooth sensation of ripe, artisanal stilton. “What started as a festive experiment has become a best seller,” Tim reflects. “It's not Christmas without it.”

Share it, steaming, with a mug of mulled wine.