Cinnamon fudge

Subtly spiced, sweet crumbly contentment from Whirld

Cinnamon. The word itself sounds comforting, and that’s before you factor in the warm, spicy flavour. Add butter, sugar and condensed milk—all words redolent of toasty kitchens on cold days—and you end up with pure cosiness, cubed.

Which is fudge, of course: cinnamon fudge. It is comfort made edible; candy made huggable. “Cinnamon is a flavour we associate with winter,” says Alex of Whirld. “We did a Christmas pudding fudge one year, and are planning to do a hot cross bun fudge for Easter.” Cinnamon—the common component of both treats—seemed a natural go-between. “We’re always going down to Devon to think up new ideas with Justine, the founder and maker.” Some fall by the wayside (we’re still waiting for the promised bacon fudge); others become such a staple, it’s hard to remember when they were conceived.

Cinnamon fudge is such a flavour. There’s energy here, sure—a wedge of unrefined cane sugar will have that effect on you—but suffused through that, there’s contentment. The cinnamon is subtle, but as seductive as your deepest, snuggliest sofa; as winsome as fireside warmth. You’ll need a cuppa with it, of course—something to cut through the sweetness. But the spice, and the soft crumble of burnt sugar, will speak for itself.