Custard gelato with chestnut honey and bee pollen

A dreamy collab of creamy 3BIS gelato and sweet, woody From Field and Flower honey

This weekend, Borough Market will be transformed into a hive of activity, themed around bees, beekeeping and, of course, honey. To mark the occasion, and the arrival of spring—and their inspired decision to feature produce from different traders in their gelatos—3BIS Gelateria has got stuck in, teaming up with From Field and Flower to enrich their custard gelato with chestnut honey and pollen from these bee devotees.

“The softness of the custard and the strong taste of the chestnut honey is a brilliant combo,” says Eleanora, and the gelato confirms it: aromatic, light as a petal yet dense as a honeycomb, with the custard less a vehicle for the honey and more a shy dance partner. It’s there, creamy and cool and nostalgically comforting, but the honey is clearly leading.

Then there’s the pollen—“the crunch of the pollen,” says Eleonora, which finishes off the ice cream like a scattering of pistachio nuts might an Ottolenghi salad. They add texture—a subtle crispiness not unlike cocoa nibs—but it’s the colour that is so startling: a bold highlighter yellow that dazzles and, as it melts, runs like a late Turner into the custardy, chestnut honey mix.

Sharp, bright, savoury
The pollen packs more of a punch than you’d expect: sharp, bright, slightly savoury, they are the oboes to the honeyed base notes of sweet, docile smoothness. He may have been a silly old bear, but Winnie the Pooh knew what he was about when he noted that, “although eating honey was a very good thing to do, there is a moment just before you begin to eat it which was better”—the very foundation of Friday feeling.