Drawing close

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Rosie Brooks is a full-time illustrator, Borough local, and member of the Cookbook Club. She talks about her love of the Market and the inspiration behind her Love Borough illustrations

“I live on Park Street, just behind Clink Street, and Borough Market is one of the most important places on earth to me. The atmosphere is totally unique and the food is so eclectic and delicious. I walk through the Market daily and visit weekly, if not more frequently. My landlady has a rabbit and Elsey and Bent and Ted’s Veg sometimes give us a bit of extra veg—lettuces and things—for her.

“I am a full-time illustrator and had been staying in my studio in Wapping following the events last weekend. I have a lot of friends who live near Borough and we met in a pub one evening last week. We were of course very upset, but being in such close proximity we decided we wanted to do something positive—especially for all the local businesses who had to close their doors.

“I am a keen member of the Borough Market Cookbook Club. I have met loads of amazing locals over our cooking adventures and got to know the host Angela Clutton. The first ‘Love Borough’ illustration I did was for her, but it just kind of escalated from there. I have set the challenge of doing an illustration for every single trader. The illustrations are a way of pulling everyone together—responding in a warm way, and not feeling helpless. I wanted to help make sure people come back to the Market.

“It’s lovely that Borough is open again—I bet it will be packed. I’ll be there, as I’ve still got half of the local businesses to doodle! I’ll be carrying on, as things slowly begin to get back to normal.” 

Here is a taster of Rosie’s project: