Elderflower truffles

A seasonal truffle from Chocolicious to transcend connotations of winter

Squishy armchairs and log fires. Pyjama bottoms and box sets watched late at night. The after-dinner treat following the Easter feast of lamb. For those of us not yet converted to the delights conveyed by a chocolate truffle in summer time, these are the moments with which they are often associated.

But done well and with creative flair, as demonstrated by Hayleigh Bazelya at Chocolicious, chocolate truffles can truly be scrumptious all year round.

Even now, as we write, our taste buds are zinging with Hayleigh’s seasonal truffle, which melds smooth milk chocolate from Ghana with bright strains of fresh elderflower.

Britain’s bounty
It’s one of the more underrated ingredients in Britain’s bounty, and yet “absolutely delicious,” Hayleigh enthuses. “It’s one of my favourite flavours.”

To make this seasonal sweet as potent as possible, Hayleigh makes her own elderflower cordial from scratch, using flowers sourced from local farms. “It takes a bit of time. We boil the flowers in sugar and lemon juice, then let it infuse for 24 hours.”

It is this floral potion which lends the truffles their piquancy: the dazzling petals piercing through the milky chocolate cream and making the normally heavy-duty experience of a truffle breezily light. “It takes the richness away. It makes it quite refreshing,” says Hayleigh happily.

And the best way to enjoy them? “On their own, in the garden and, preferably, in the sunshine.”