Eton mess doughnuts

A combination of joy, mess and cake from Bread Ahead

The hashtag is trending. Rumours are circling. The table is set, the ovens are hot, and the situation is getting a wee bit sticky. Yet Doughnut Week 2018 is not the only special occasion we’ll be sinking our teeth into this weekend. There’s a wedding to watch—and where there are weddings, there are three inevitabilities: sheer joy, considerable mess, and cake.

All of which makes Bread Ahead’s contribution toward the festivities—the Eton mess doughnut, stuffed full of cream, strawberries and meringue—something of a hat trick. Not only does it offer joy, mess and cake, all rolled up into one squidgy, doughy bundle, but it also manages to pay tribute to the school the groom went to (which, uncoincidentally, is practically the location of the wedding), the bridal train (though one hopes it doesn’t invite meringue comparisons), and even the respective nationalities of the royal pair.

Summer and loveliness
Eton mess is the quintessential British pudding. The doughnut is America’s favourite cake. Put them together and you’ve got a bigger, blowsier, but no less sweet version of Harry and Meghan. It is, as Matt Jones of Bread Ahead puts it, “a celebration of summer, strawberries and loveliness”.

“Oh, England,” he continues, gesturing towards the rare, dazzling sunshine, “you glorious place.” With an Eton mess doughnut in hand, it’s hard to disagree.