A perfectly chewy treat with a savoury pumpkin bite

In some respects, the difference between a flapjack and a cereal bar is mere semantics. Both are likely to contain oats, sugar, and some kind of binding agent. Both are invariably enlivened with fruit, nuts, seeds, or a combination of all three.

While there are those people for whom this difference is so subtle as to be immaterial—who meet with flapjacks and with cereal bars and treat them just the same—there are many whose definition of a flapjack is so narrow, the slightest deviation into cereal bar territory will have them grinding their molars in protest. It’s to these people that Bread Ahead’s flapjack will appeal.

“Butter,” says Matt Jones of Bread Ahead. “Lots and lots of butter. That’s the winning ingredient.” Stand down your fears this Friday feeling is the beginning of a health kick: Bread Ahead mean business when it comes to the word ‘treat’.

Oats, butter and soul
“We wanted it chewy, not too soft or crumbly,” says Matt—hence the golden syrup, which lovingly holds oats, butter and soul together. Though there are pumpkin seeds, their addition has nothing to do with nutritional content, and everything to do with “having a bit of savoury bite to it, to contrast with the sweet”.

Raisins were overkill. “We tried them, and it was just too much,” Matt says. The sugar rush from the syrup is more than sufficient, he continues, without the addition of dried grapes. Serve with a cup of builders, or a coffee for a source of lubrication and a counterpoint to the cosseting, cloying sweetness. Alternatively, eat it as is and spend the rest of the day discovering delightful little nuggets of golden oats in your back teeth.