Friday feeling: chocolate raspberry velvet cake

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A devilishly delicious—and wholly vegan—chocolate cake, sandwiched with raspberry compote

You are unlikely to doubt the difference high quality ingredients can make to food (if you were you wouldn’t be on this website, reading this column) but if you ever do, head to Konditor and Cook and order a slice of its raspberry and chocolate velvet cake. Spend a few minutes contemplating the fact this decadent, darkly delectable morsel is entirely, 100 per cent vegan.

There are no eggs in the sponge, but it is textured. There is no butter, but it is rich and moist. There’s no milk or butter in the ganache smothering the sponge like a velvety chocolate envelope, but it tastes and feels devilishly delicious.

The secret? “Really, really good quality chocolate,” says Adam. “It’s from a Belgian producer.” Indeed, it turns out they get their chocolate from one of the country’s oldest cacao roasteries, whose beans are sourced from west Africa’s finest and most sustainable producers—meaning they support cacao farming communities and sustainable practices (through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation), while supplying the superlative flavour that lifts a simple, vegan chocolate cake into new realms.

Raspberry four ways
“The ganache is soya based,” Adam explains, “and there’s raspberry jam in the sponge”—another means of adding moistness in the absence of eggs and butter. There are fresh and freeze-dried raspberries on top, as you can see, but there’s also a raspberry compote sandwiched in the middle. You could call this ‘chocolate velvet cake with raspberry four ways’, if you were to serve it for dessert.

Adam recommends coffee as an accompaniment, because “the cake is not too sweet, but it is pretty sweet”. Opt for an americano without milk, if you can hack it, and enjoy the tantalising contrast of bitter coffee and sweet cake; thin liquid and thick, indulgent ganache—as well as the complement of fine ingredients, excellently handled by professionals whose work is guided primarily by the principles of sustainability and taste.