Friday feeling: toffee and pecan cheesecake

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Rich, New York-style cheesecake with a buttery biscuit base and caramel drizzle

“I think it is the richest cheesecake we have,” says Cristina of ION Patisserie—which, as anyone familiar with their stall will know, is saying something. Though the east London-based bakery does make other treats—brownies, profiteroles, carrot cakes and so on—it is their cheesecakes for which founder Georgeta Decuseara is best known.

Her cheesecakes belong in the New York tradition: an oat biscuit and butter base topped with a dense, vanilla-sweet yet tangy mix of cream cheese and free range eggs crowned with a smooth-as-a-lagoon layer of sweetened sour cream. Flavours, which include white chocolate and raspberry, tiramisu, and caramel, are not just decorative, but stirred into and scattered across the classic cheesecake mixture. ‘Rich’ is ION Patisserie’s MO.

Rich caramel drizzle
“The rich caramel toffee layer is drizzled on top of the sour cream,” Cristina explains, “so it’s particularly sweet and nice. Then the pecans are scattered on top of that.” They add crunch and a nutty, bitter-sweet counterpoint to the burnt sugar flavour of the toffee—not that it’s lacking in textural interest, thanks to the buttery, crumbly biscuit base, the comfortingly dense, vanilla-scented cheesecake and the smooth, cool layer of sour cream.

Cristina recommends having it on its own, or with a plain, preferably milk-less tea or coffee if you’re choosing this for tea time rather than dessert. “You don’t need cream or anything with it. It’s perfect as it is.”