Gin and tonic cake

A welcome amalgamation of two party favourites

Picture the scene: a drinks party, in honour of your friend’s birthday/ engagement/ anniversary/ retirement/ delete as appropriate. You’re halfway through a gin and tonic and a conversation about house prices when an announcement is made: they’re cutting the cake! Some cheers, some claps and some minutes later, slices of cake come round—and you’re faced with that age-old conundrum.

Do you A) sacrifice your drink in the name of the cake, at the risk of never seeing it again, B) pass up on the cake in the name of the drink, at the risk of not getting another opportunity, or C) take a slice of cake in your remaining hand, cling on to your G&T and proceed to perform that familiar pantomime called ‘having your cake and trying to eat it without spilling either cake or drink’.

While the classiest among us might opt for the first or second option, we at Friday feeling inevitably plump for option ‘C’. Mercifully, over at Konditor and Cook, they’ve come up with the perfect solution: gin and tonic cake. “It’s a victoria sponge, topped with a gin and tonic icing,” says Michael. The icing is fondant, with “a wee bit of lime zest. It’s a seasonal treat really, now that we’re heading into warmer evenings.”

Gay abandon
Miraculously, given its contents—gin and tonic sponge, soaked in gin syrup—“it isn’t really that boozy,” he continues, “so it would go nicely with a gin and tonic”—and it wouldn’t matter if you spilled it. In fact, we’ve already ordered one for our next celebratory gathering, whereupon we will put Michael’s theory into practice and proceed to juggle gin and cake with even more gay abandon than usual. Cheers!