Halloween biscuits

Cinnamon Tree Bakery’s terrifying take on our all-time favourite biscuits

Let’s face it: the joys of Halloween are by and large confined to the younger members of society. Beyond a certain age, knocking on strangers’ doors and shouting “TRICK OR TREAT” through a Scream mask is more likely to get you arrested than get you cake.

The days of apple bobbing are over; pin the wart on the witch’s nose has somehow lost its charm, and riding broomsticks is really quite painful. There is, however, one consolation prize: the ability to purchase and eat as many Halloween-themed biscuits as we like.

This leads us to Cinnamon Tree Bakery, and the ‘terrifying’ versions of all-time favourites, the elephant cinnamon biscuit and the jammy dodger heart. The principle’s the same: the former a distinctly cinnamon-y, crispy biscuit embossed with a meringue shape (a feat achieved by cutting a wood stencil, pressing it into the dough and spreading egg white over before baking).

Fresh raspberry jam
The latter’s a Scottish shortbread from Scottish bakers with fresh raspberry jam, all fresh on the stall each day. But the shapes could not be further removed.

In place of the elephant, a skeleton shimmers whitely out of the deep cinnamon-tan of the biscuit. The heart of the dodger, meanwhile, is transformed into a grinning skull for the occasion. Little ones will love them: “They are great fun, and made with all natural ingredients—even the jam is locally produced,” explains Maximo on the stall.

But we’re ‘adults’ at Friday feeling, and this is OUR Halloween treat. In short, we will scare the pants off any mite who sees our soft, buttery, skull wedged with sticky, zesty raspberry jam, or our spicily warming cinnamon skeleton gouged in sweet, crispy meringue, and asks us to share.