Hot cross doughnuts

Bread Ahead’s famous doughnuts with a spiced, Easter twist

“It’s a busy little bun,” muses Matt Jones of Bread Ahead. “It’s really a multi-dimensional experience to eat.” Being serious professionals, we take a moment or two to consider just how many dimensions this doughnut has.

There’s the hint-of-spice dough—nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves swirled into Bread Ahead’s signature doughnut mix which, if you get your timings right, should still be warm from the fryer. There’s the fine shroud of sugar, with which you will inevitably be dusted even before you’ve taken your first bite.

There’s the custard: a heavy dollop of edible velvet that sings with the aforementioned spices as well as plump, jammy raisins, candied peel and real vanilla. And—last but by no means least, regardless of your religious persuasion—there’s the cross shape: the flour-and-water cross that crowns the custard filling, and justifies its otherwise confusing name.

Doughnut mash up
“It’s a hot cross doughnut. On the inside, it’s a hot cross bun; on the outside it’s a doughnut—with a bit of hot cross bun sticking out,” Matt continues. “The best doughnut mash up” declared one online reviewer when it debuted, a moniker Matt appreciates. “It really has a lot going on.”

Created by Justin, co-founder and master baker at Bread Ahead’s kitchen, its run is limited. “It ends on Saturday,” Matt says, “so it really is unique to Easter”—unlike a certain type of chocolate egg one could mention. Get them while they’re hot—or at the very least, fresh on the stall—or you’ll be cross when you discover they’ve all gone.