Lammas Day

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Ed Smith celebrates the Anglo-Saxon wheat harvest festival

Happy Lammas Day everyone!

What? This festival isn’t inked into your calendar? Okay, I hadn’t heard of it either until it was mentioned to me recently. In quick summary, lammas, or ‘loaf-mass’ is an Anglo-Saxon festival in celebration of the wheat harvest. It takes place on 1st August each year—on which day you should grab a loaf made from your newly harvested wheat crop and take it into church to be blessed. Split the blessed loaf into four, put one quarter in each corner of your crop barn, and all will be protected from then on.

Short of a loaf
If you’re short of a loaf, let alone a field of wheat to make one with, I can highly recommend popping to one of Borough Market’s many superb bakers.

I did just that, but got side-tracked on my way to the church and instead found myself buying a block of Bath Soft Cheese, a couple of apples from Chegworth Valley, and a can of topical wheat beer from Utobeer. The bread was an absolutely stunning country ‘tin loaf’ from Bread Ahead, which was super soft and bouncy within, with a lovely crust.

This made four of the best door stop sandwiches I’ve had for some time—it doesn’t look like much, but it really was mighty fine. Gotta love Lammas Day.