Let’s do lunch: black truffle tortelloni

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Fresh pasta from La Tua Pasta, filled with truffle and ricotta and served with a creamy mushroom sauce

It is, says Francesco at La Tua Pasta, “cut by hand, filled by hand and folded by hand, it’s truly artisanal”—and properly Italian in spirit, as is true of all the fresh pasta found at the stall. Founded by Francesco and his wife Caroline in 2006 and happily tucked away on Rochester Walk, the stall is as welcoming as the food it purveys is comforting.

The tortelloni—which “is like the more familiar tortellini, but bigger”—is made in their north London kitchens “every single day”, with “lots of fresh eggs and a blend of Italian 00 flours.”

The filling of this particular pasta comprises shaved black summer truffle and ricotta, mixed together “with a little salt, black pepper and olive oil”, before being stuffed into the pasta parcels. The recipe is traditionally Italian, as are the ingredients: “We get everything from Italy,” says Francesco—the shaved black truffle from the central region of Umbria; the Parmigiano Reggiano from the “correct regions”, meaning, according to its PDO status, Emilia-Romagna and Modena.

A welcome adaptation
The only thing that’s arguably not wholly authentic is the mushroom sauce it’s served with, sauce being anathema when combined with tortelloni to many a traditional Italian. “It’s adapted to British tastes,” smiles Francesco—and in our humble opinion, all the better for it.

A rich, creamy, velvety sauce choc-full with chunky full-flavoured mixed mushrooms and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese—because there’s no such thing as too much cheese—this too is made fresh daily, left bubbling on a low heat for over an hour to thicken and allow the amalgam of fresh ingredients to marry happily. Dolloped generously atop the steaming pile of pasta parcels, the result is a hearty hug of a dish that’ll transport you to the sunny climes of Italy, even on the coldest of British spring days.