Let’s do lunch: courgette noodles

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A light, fresh and seasonal stir-fry dish from Wokit

In the trend-loving bubble that is our fine capital, we’ve seen the best—and worst—of foodie fads: wine served in wellies, unlikely cultural fusions, ubiquitous avocadoes. They come, we eat, we Instagram, we move on.

There are some things, though, that transcend cool east London cafes and find their way into our kitchen cupboards. One such item, it would seem, is the spiralizer—a tool for turning vegetables into spaghetti-like strands—popularised by the likes of Hemsley and Hemsley, but now regularly used by cooks all across the city.

While we’ve nothing against carbs—indeed, Wokit offers rice, udon, egg, and sweet potato and buckwheat noodles as well as rice alternatives, and they’re all delicious—sometimes, a carb bomb is just not what you need on a Wednesday lunch time. For those days, courgette noodles topped with salmon, green beans, mixed peppers and teriyaki sauce provides a happy alternative: light, fresh, and bang in season.

Fresh every single morning
“All our veggies come from Ted’s Veg across the road and the courgettes are grown on their farm in Boston, Lincolnshire. We get them fresh every single morning,” says owner Richard. “The courgette doesn’t provide a huge amount of flavour up against the other ingredients, but it provides a lovely texture. It has a really nice crunch to it. You need that long, stringy base to sweep up all the other ingredients with.”

The ‘courgetti’ is combined with a little rapeseed oil, fresh garlic and ginger, a free range egg, red and white cabbage, carrots, beans sprouts and spring onions—“that’s your standard wok mix, all of which comes from the Market”—then you can choose from a selection of ‘proteins’.

“A really nice summery combination with this particular dish is salmon,” says Richard. Delivered each morning from Furness Fish & Game, it’s sashimi grade, “so super fresh. It just sucks up all that flavour.”

A splash of colour
Add some seasonal veg—“we have a veg of the month, which this month is green beans”—mixed peppers for a splash of colour, and some teriyaki sauce, “which complements the salmon beautifully” and you’ve a lunch fit for a veg-loving king.

Homemade each morning by chef Jiggy, the teriyaki sauce is made with gluten free soy sauce “which is really rare” and natural, organic maple syrup: “We try to stay away from processed sugar where we can.”

The result is “sweet and a little salty, so there’s a really nice balance of flavours. We throw everything in the wok—hence the name!—and cook it up in front of you. The idea is to provide really healthy food, that will fill you up for the rest of the day.”