Let’s do lunch: Kevin pie with super slaw

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A vegan pie with a ragu-like mushroom and tomato filling, paired with crunchy coleslaw

“It’s called Kevin—Kevin vegan, as in Kevin Keegan? Those old enough will get that!” laughs Camilla, manager of the Borough Market Pieminister stall, where said comically-named pie can be found. The hint of rhyming slang in the name is a nod to pie’s East End roots, and it was introduced by Pieminister this year as its debut vegan offering—the first in a 15-year history of piemaking.

Creating a pie that’s both vegan and meets the expectations of those familiar with the company’s characteristically buttery puffed pastry was no mean feat. “To create a knock-your-socks off vegan version was one of our biggest challenges so far, but we believe we’ve created the most delicious vegan pastry we’ve ever tried”—judging by its instant popularity, it’d seem both meat and plant-eating customers would agree.

“It is fast becoming one of our most popular pies,” adds Romany at Pieminister HQ. “Registered with the Vegan Society and carrying its trusted trademark, it is 100 per cent plant-based but with all the taste, texture and depth of flavour enjoyed in a well-made, traditional British pie. People love its flavourful filling—and the name! It’s great for a quick and delicious dish to tuck into.”

Rich and ragu-like
The pastry’s crisp; the filling a rich, ragu-like combination of British chestnut mushrooms, tomatoes, red wine, baby onions, quinoa and thyme. Pair it with the stall’s new super slaw—“a mix of purple and white cabbage and carrots, topped with orange and carrot dressing and finished off with pomegranate seeds and an omega seed mix, it’s tasty and super pretty”—and you’ve nailed a healthy (as far as pies go) and hearty summer lunch.