Let’s do lunch: sweet potato and buckwheat noodles

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A simple but deliciously effective lunchtime meal from Wokit

Frankly, the punny name alone is enough to make us warm to Wokit, the healthy noodle joint sitting opposite Ted’s Veg on Stoney Street.

Announcing itself with bold white type and the sort of zingy, fresh, complex smells that set stomachs grumbling whatever the hour, its marrying of Market produce with quality noodles and homemade sauces results in a simple but deliciously effective lunchtime meal, cooked from fresh ingredients while you wait.

Richard, the founder, set it up because the restaurants he was working in were simply “not good enough”. “The quality of ingredients and the service were just not up to scratch. I wasn’t happy,” he says. At Wokit he has the luxury of knowing he is “getting the best produce possible, and being part of a market that brings people in from around the world”.

Bamboo shoots
Should he run out of bamboo shoots halfway through lunch, he has only to pop across to Ted’s Veg opposite to stock up again. Likewise with spices (Spice Mountain), meat (various market butchers) and fish (Furness Fish & Game).

“The choices change all the time. We have a staple base of vegetables that we use, but we change as things come in and out of season.” This month’s best-selling pot is sweet potato and buckwheat noodles, served with salmon and broccoli.

“You have your egg and rice noodles, which I call entry level noodles. And then you’ve intermediate—like udon,” he laughs. “The sweet potato and buckwheat are expert level noodles. You won’t find them anywhere else. They are super interesting. And super-tasty,” he adds.

Expert noodler
You don’t have to be an expert noodler to appreciate the latter: wholesome, marginally malty, but with a kick of sweetness from the sweet potato.

“The salmon is awesome, and broccoli is a perfect partner as it adds a gorgeous texture,” says Richard. At Wokit, diners are able to construct their own dishes from the available ingredients. As well as the broccoli, other recommended accompaniments for the salmon include mixed peppers and beansprouts.

Don’t let us persuade you though—there’s far more where this came from, with chicken, pork, duck and tofu as alternative options and a whole host of different sauces.