Macaron brownies

A surprisingly successful marriage of two very different treats from Cinnamon Tree Bakery

“They were supposed to be a special, just for a few weeks,” says Andy at Cinnamon Tree Bakery, wonderingly—for it’s been months since this talented baker let loose his macaron-topped brownies on Borough Market. “Our macarons were popular and so were our brownies, so we thought we’d mix it up.” Yet even he admits that the overwhelming response to this arranged marriage was unforeseen.

One bite of these soft chocolate doorstops, the brownie almost ganache-like, the macaron dollop on top light and crisp as a dried leaf, and life without them seems unbearable. No wonder Andy caved under the pressure to give them a permanent place on the Cinnamon Tree Bakery’s table. It’s not every day the uniting of two quite exceptional individuals succeeds without compromising their unique personalities.

“We can only put them in the oven for a matter of minutes,” Andy says. “The macaron cooks much faster—but that leaves the brownie deliciously gooey.” It’s a fine balance, of course, but it’s one Cinnamon Tree has down to a T—or indeed a tea, if we’re talking serving suggestions. Which we usually are. Make it a strong one, and make it ASAP.