Mango and passionfruit mousse tart

A bright, light and breezy treat to see out the heatwave

Cream cake? Too rich. Brownie? Too heavy. Meringue? Too sticky. Let’s face it, the only dessert that holds any appeal in this heatwave is ice cream, and you’ve eaten enough of that in the last two months to patch up the global warming-ravaged ice caps in the Arctic. Fresh fruit is an option—but must we really be so virtuous when we’ve had naught but salad for lunch and dinner since winter? No. We needn’t.

Which is why Comptoir Gourmand has brought you a treat so smooth, bright and breezy, it doesn’t dance across the tongue so much as twirl in slippered foot. “It’s a light shortbread with passion fruit and mango mousse,” says Alina on the stall—“and it is so refreshing. Not too sweet or creamy.” Launched just a month or so ago courtesy of Comptoir Gourmand’s talented pastry chefs in nearby Bermondsey, it has already garnered a serious, if slightly sheeny-faced, following. “It’s perfect for summer,” she continues, “as an afternoon treat.”

As an accompaniment we opted for iced tea from Organic Life, its cold, subtle bitterness the perfect foil for the jolly mango and the sharp-sweet power of passion fruit, and the perfect friend to the rich, golden base note of shortbread.