Mango truffles

A tropical bite to brighten grey days

“I just want to book a holiday when I eat one,” Hayleigh of So Chocolicious says wistfully—and at first, it sounds like a warning. It’s grim, gritty and grey in London. The weekend’s sunshine seems like a distant dream, the promised June heatwave a mere media-fuelled fantasy. Isn’t it better to make our peace with it—to keep calm and carry an umbrella than to bite into a white chocolate mango truffle and dream of Asian holidays?

This month marks mango season. Throughout June, mangos from Pakistan, India and Thailand will be rolling into the Market, their cheeks golden with sunshine, their bellies plump with silken honeyed flesh. “I get my mangos from whichever stall is selling the best ones,” continues Hayleigh—“Paul Wheeler, usually. He’s something of a Market father to me.

“I scoop the soft insides out, pulse them with cream, and encase them in white chocolate. It really complements the fruit,” she says—and no one who has cracked that thick, vanilla-laced shell and dipped their tongue into the jammy mango disagrees with her. The shell is decorated with delicate ribbons of milk chocolate—which is superfluous to requirements, but still tres cute.

“That’s it really. A little tropical bite,” she smiles. And with that, we’ve little option but to seize this slowly melting moment of a chocolate, bite, and swallow. It isn’t India—but in terms of taste and texture, it is at least approaching a road of silk.