Market Life digital edition goes live

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The new issue of Borough Market’s award-winning magazine Market Life has been published online

So, there we were, with an issue of Borough Market’s magazine Market Life just about finished and ready to go, when the world completely changed. At first, we dropped everything. Printing a food magazine made no sense at all. Now though, like so much of what Borough Market does to share knowledge and bring people together—including its rich programme of online events and meetings—we have decided to move it to the digital sphere.

Almost everything in it was created before the lockdown began, but most of it still feels relevant. This is a digital magazine about food, about people, about ideas—and this pandemic has rendered none of those themes redundant. While no one could make the case that it should top the list of our current concerns, there is still a significance in contemplating the food we eat, considering where it came from and how it was made, and relishing the uplift to the spirits a good homecooked meal can offer. It is also vital that we make the effort to connect with each other, however we can. And it is important that we start to think about the kind of world we want to see emerge from the rubble once all this is over, and what that means for the production and consumption of food.

In this issue, you’ll find Clare Finney’s account of her pre-lockdown journey to Scotland to watch the production of Arbroath smokies using methods unchanged in many centuries. You’ll find some beautiful cake recipes from Juliet Sear, one of the country’s most creative bakers. You’ll find a hard-hitting interview with Carolyn Steel, author of Hungry City and Sitopia. You’ll find Ed Smith’s ode to olives, Angela Clutton’s homage to herbs, and a dash through the history of the egg. And hopefully, in all that, you’ll find a good hour or so of happy distraction.

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