Market Life wins publishing award

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Borough Market’s bi-monthly publication has been named Customer Magazine of the Year 2016. According to Ed Smith, one of its regular contributors, it’s an accolade that’s well-deserved

If you have walked around the Market over the last few years, you may well have noticed the increasing presence of Market Life, a publication produced by the Borough Market team and their long-term collaborators LSC Publishing.

The imagery on the front cover is striking. Recent issues have included a rather pensive, handsome, almost regal-looking goat; deep-fried snake fitters dusted with icing sugar calling to you to pick them from the page; and gorgeous seasonal ingredients like summer squash and elderberries, which hinted at the content within.

So, the cover will catch your eye. But don’t stop there. Take five seconds to pick one up—they’re free, the features and recipes inside are top quality and, as of yesterday, Market Life is award winning!

Customer Magazine of the Year
As a contributor to the bi-monthly magazine (over the last year I’ve written a column on ugly ingredients), it gives me great pleasure to note that Market Life was declared the winner of the PPA Independent Publisher Customer Magazine of the Year 2016.

The judges were “hugely impressed” with the impact of the publication and its “aim of featuring issues of wider significance to the trader, such as environmental impact and animal welfare, and the placing of global issues at the heart of what is essentially a local publication”.

That last comment is the thing that resonates with me, and the reason I’m particularly proud to write for Market Life. It’s beautiful, tactile, weighty, but also a proper read—and there really aren’t many magazines around that are like that, whether about food issues or indeed any theme.

Empathetic and endearing
There’s real expertise and a great deal of variety in the content covered, for example the wise words of Sybil Kapoor that’ll help your home cooking, and are always seasonally relevant and inspiring; recipes from and Q&As with world class restaurant chefs like Pierre Kauffman and James Lowe; and a unique mix of detailed, empathetic and endearing interviews with Market traders, sitting next to features covering themes the range from the ethics of eating goat meat to the history of milk.

Not willing to stand on Christmas laurel wreaths, I’m informed that the magazine is going to keep getting better. Mark Riddaway, its editor, notes “next year, we’ll do more of the same. We’ll probably interview some major figures in the food world, and visit some amazing cheesemakers and farmers and fishermen. I also think we should visit the Rabot Estate cacao plantation in St Lucia, maybe for a week or two. I haven’t pitched that one yet…”

Go on. Make sure you take a copy to read when you’re having your lunch, pausing during your shop or on your way home. They’re available at locations in every section of the Market, and also at the information office.