Mille feuille

A frivolous combination of puff pastry, icing and fresh cream from Comptoir Gourmand

The first question that comes to mind on approaching a milles feuille is how to eat it. The answer depends on how concerned you are about mess. The French, stallholder at Comptoir Gourmand Abu explains, “eat it with just their hands”.

But only they could possess the decorum necessary to demolish this towering, shivering marvel without spilling a drop on them. Lesser mortals will almost certainly find themselves covered in puff pastry, icing and fresh pastry cream.

Still, it is worth it. No one knows who first came up with the idea, which involves alternating three layers of puff pastry with sweet cream, but whoever she or he is, they need knighting. Meltingly light leaves of puff pastry give rise to its name, which translates literally as ‘the thousand leaves’.

Sheer frivolity
The crème is French, slightly vanilla-y and less rich than its English counterpart; the glazing, alternating icing and chocolate strips have become iconic. Light, smooth and sticky, its sheer frivolity makes it the perfect Friday treat.