Mount hazelnut

Moist hazelnut sponge with a slick of ganache, courtesy of Konditor and Cook

If, like us, you are of the ‘climb every mountain especially when it is made of chocolate cake’ philosophy, then this week’s Friday feeling has your name on it: Konditor and Cook’s award-winning chocolate noisette cake, reimagined in perfect, pyramidal miniature.

The sponge is still surprisingly moist for a (whisper it) wheat-free concoction of hazelnut and dark chocolate; the result is still a sugar rush of exhilarating velocity, but where its larger cousin boasts a thick, voluptuous coat of mascarpone and gianduja frosting, the mount hazelnut is more modestly clothed in a slick but satisfying layer of ganache.

“That is pretty much the difference between the two,” says Konditor and Cook’s manager Sophia. “It is a tiny version.” Small enough for solo consumption, large enough to tread that tantalising line between feeling satiated and feeling just a little bit sick, it’s been a staple of the bakery for some time.

Rave paint
This summer, head baker and founder Gerhard Jenne has jazzed it up a little, with fluorescent pinks and yellow icing striped across the peak like rave paint, rendering it perfect for Friday feels. Buy it as part of their treat time selection box to share with the office, or on its own for you to enjoy with a (long island) ice tea.