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Borough Market has signed up to Southwark Borough Council’s Diversity Standard

In the 18th century document that established Borough Market in its current location, it was determined that the Market should function “for the convenience and accommodation of the public”. Accommodating people remains central to its mission—and that means everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age or economic status.

To set in stone this commitment to diversity and accessibility, Borough Market has now signed up to Southwark Borough Council’s Diversity Standard. Introduced earlier this year, this document sets out a simple series of statements, committing its signatories—which include businesses, charities and public bodies—to a working approach that has equality at its heart.

Donald Hyslop, Chair of the Trustees of Borough Market, said: “Signing up to this set of standards is important as a public commitment to a culture that already exists at Borough Market. We are pleased to work with Southwark Council and other partners and, while we can—and will—do more to ensure that the Market is working for every single person in our community, a commitment to diversity has long been central to our approach.

“Borough Market is already an accredited London Living Wage employer, and one with no zero hours contractors. We work hard to ensure that our estate meets accessibility standards, we host regular British Sign Language interpreted cookery demonstrations and we participate enthusiastically in annual events for Disabled Access Day, from which we have learnt many valuable lessons. We run numerous free events and community programmes designed to engage with Londoners of all ages and income brackets.

“The Market intends to be a vocal advocate for the Diversity Standard, and will be encouraging our traders, tenants and suppliers to sign up to it too.”

By signing up to the scheme, Borough Market is committed to:


  • Make sure that everyone who needs to can use our services. We will make sure that we meet the diverse needs of our service users and our staff.
  • Actively contribute to making our communities more cohesive by welcoming and treating everyone with respect and dignity.
  • Make reasonable adjustments to ensure that all customers and service users are not placed at a disadvantage due to perceived differences. We will consider how our services can affect different groups, taking action to tackle barriers to access where these exist.
  • Use our recruitment and employment practices to encourage equality of opportunity and respect for diversity and tackles barriers faced by specific groups. We actively work to create a workforce that is representative of the local community and our customers.
  • Ensure that all our workers and subcontractors are paid at least the London Living Wage.
  • Ensure that we do not use zero hours contracts in place of permanent contracts.
  • Seek opportunities to work with our local community and local community organisations to tackle inequality, for example by supporting people to develop the skills they need to participate economically, culturally and socially.
  • Have systems in place to deal with any complaints of discrimination promptly, fairly, openly and effectively.
  • Encourage other employers to adopt similar practices.


Pictured: Borough Market staff, Chair of Borough Market Trustees Donald Hyslop and Cllr Barrie Hargrove