Orange crinkles

Treacly dark doughy biscuits from Flour Station

“I mean, to be honest, I saw them and thought, I’m not having that,” laughs Jessica, pointing an incriminating finger at the dusty splodges of biscuit perched on the Flour Station stall. Dubbed ‘orange crinkles’, they’re not much to look at: only the odd glimpse of treacly dark dough can be seen beneath the blanket of icing sugar, conjuring up visions of a tree stump recently covered in snow.

Sometimes they’re a bit misshapen, betrayed by their inherent squidginess into ellipses—“they’re basically a cross between cookie dough and a biscuit,” Jessica explains—but today they are perfect circles, nestled between the stollen and spice loaf.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to shake off the impression that these dusky little fellows are but poor cousins to Flour Station’s more eye catching array of festive tree biscuits dipped in white chocolate and decorated with red and green stars.

Fresh orange zest
Poor cousins, that is, until you taste them and discover that the combination of dark chocolate, fresh orange zest, butter and flour is—well, as good as you’d expect it to be. “It’s such a Christmassy flavour, spiced orange. It reminds me of eating Terry’s Chocolate Orange as a kid,” Jessica smiles.

Baked every morning in Flour Station’s north London bakery using the freshest and most ethically-sourced ingredients, they are proof and pudding of a particularly seasonal truth: appearances can be deceptive—of babies and of baked goods.