Passion fizz cork

Cushiony, prosecco-soaked sponge with zingy passionfruit curd from Konditor and Cook

“One should drink champagne in the winter, and prosecco in the summer,” a friend of fine taste and fuller pockets than we have declaimed recently. We had to agree with her: for although unlike her (but like most of the nation) we quaff prosecco throughout the year, it’s true that there is slightly more pretense surrounding it come the festive period, when we start apologetically passing it off as ‘bubbles’ like it could be champagne.  

In the summer, we’re unashamed. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the alliteration, but no sooner has the sun come out than we’re headed to the park, prosecco in one hand, picnic blanket in other. It was hardly surprising, therefore, that when Konditor and Cook released their summer range of cakes, they chose to commemorate our favourite summer pastime with a prosecco-soaked sponge filled with an aptly flavoured passion fruit curd and topped with passion fruit icing and shimmering golden balls and swirls.

“We make all of it, including the passion fruit curd, ourselves,” says George of Konditor and Cook, who recommends the passion fruit cork because it looks fancy, and tastes summery. This, plus the sight of the short, squidgy morsel of booze-laced sponge, golden balls glinting in the sunlight, should be enough to tempt you—but if you needed further encouragement, Konditor and Cook’s eggs, butter and flour are all organically and ethically sourced.

Effervescent with jollity
The flavour is sensational: bright, zingy and almost effervescent with jollity, as if the prosecco had infused the very spirit of the cake itself. The creamy curd core complements its comforting cushion of sponge, making this a textural adventure for the tongue, as well as a taste one. As for serving suggestions, there’s only one place this sweetie belongs, and that’s next to your glass, on your picnic blanket, in the park.