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How a new space at Borough Market will nurture the next generation of traders

Borough Market is creating a new space devoted to nurturing a whole new generation of traders. One of the knottiest problems faced by the country’s burgeoning ranks of small-scale, artisanal food producers is how to create a customer base when you’re too small to employ salespeople, too busy making the stuff to spend much time selling it yourselves, and lacking the capacity to create the large quantities required by most shops and markets.

The Market’s solution has been to create a section of the Market Hall where small start-ups, social enterprises and London-based producers will be given the opportunity to attend the Market on a rotation basis, a day or two at a time. This will allow them to build up their businesses, seek feedback from the public, gain valuable experience, make connection, learn from their peers and determine the level of demand for their products. The high levels of quality, sustainability and expertise demanded of all of Borough’s traders will be just as evident from these occasional visitors—the only difference will be the scale of their operations.

Those whose business begin to grow will hopefully someday apply to become permanent traders. The future of Borough Market starts right here.

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