Pride brownies

Konditor and Cook’s classic cream cheese curly whirlys, with a colourful—and charitable—twist

You don’t need to look far to find all the colours of the rainbow in Borough Market. In fact, you needn’t go much further than Turnips. But with Pride being celebrated in London and across the country this weekend, we wanted our rainbow louder, prouder and even more intense than the dazzling array of summer fruits and vegetables on the stalls.

We wanted Konditor and Cook’s pride brownies: their original curly whirly brownies, with their signature swirls of cream cheese, but dusted with the colours of the rainbow flag. “They look amazing on trays when they come out the oven”—the slab of brownie emerging from the oven like a tide of solid, squidgy chocolate, festooned with orange, green, blue, red and purple—“they are a special for this week,” says Michael at the shop proudly.

Konditor and Cook founder Gerhard Jenne and his partner (and CEO) Paul Cons are great supporters of Pride. As well as the brownies, the beloved bakers can also ice a Pride-themed, rainbow and hearts border on whole cakes for those who want to show their support.

No room for hate
“A proportion of the sales go to Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity for homeless LGBTQ+ and youth—and they are doing really well. People are really enjoying them,” continues Michael. “In fact, for the next couple of days we’re not going to order regular curly whirly brownies. We’re just going with the Pride ones.” Buy a brownie—no, buy a boxful, take them to your office today, and leave absolutely no room for hate.