S’mores pie

Crumbly ginger biscuit layered with fudgy chocolate cake and gooey marshmallow

When it comes to what constitutes pie, we tend to disagree with our cousins across the pond. What they call ‘pizza pie’, we call, well, a pizza. When it came to naming what we might call chocolate, ginger and marshmallow fridge cake, Konditor and Cook was true to the dessert’s spiritual home, dubbing said sweet amalgamation ‘s’mores pie’. We might raise a quizzical brow to this denomination—but we’re wholly on board with the concept.

“We’ve taken the idea from the classic American combination”—typically a toasted marshmallow and a square of chocolate, sandwiched between graham crackers—“and deconstructed it, but using ginger nut biscuits,” says Philip at the shop. “We wanted to do something with marshmallow frosting because it was so popular on one of our summer cakes”—not surprisingly, being a gooey, lightly caramelised swirl of deliciousness, here crowning layers of dense, fudgy chocolate cake and crumbly, buttery, ginger biscuit.

You can’t eat it elegantly—but you’re not supposed to. In the US, s’mores are torched on the bonfire and eaten then and there, with sticky faces and fingers. We demolished our thick, rich slice of pie in similar fashion, warmed not by campfire, but the last of the summer sun.