Salted peanut and chocolate chip cookie

Dark, crumbly, and choc-full of peanuts and chocolate chunks

“It’s our busiest corner, the vegan corner,” says Massimo—and for a moment he looks slightly conflicted. Massimo is Italian and, by extension, utterly wedded to the joys of eggs and parmesan cheese. This ‘vegan corner’ runs somewhat counter to that.

There are no eggs. There’s not a trace of butter, let alone parmesan—yet it’s proved more popular than even that coveted corner of The Cinnamon Tree Bakery which boasts butter-laden white chocolate and salted caramel cookies. “They used to be everyone’s favourite cookie. Now it is this,” he says, pointing to a dark, crumbly number choc-full of peanuts and laced with ebony chunks of chocolate, whose jutting edges just beg to be nibbled. Already, I can see customers spiralling, hawk like, their hearts and stomachs set upon choosing chippiest chocolate chip cookie there is.

‘This’, of course, is The Cinnamon Tree Bakery’s salted peanut and chocolate chip cookie: completely vegan, gluten free, and yet with a complex flavour stemming from the pleasant contrast of tastes and textures. “You have the saltiness from the peanuts, the smooth chunkiness of the cookies, and the biscuit”—which, we both agree, is surprisingly intense and rich.

Paired with espresso
It crumbles, sure, but in the best possible way: that is, into little morsels which you can pick off your trousers with a licked finger, thus extending your Friday feeling well beyond coffee time. “It is not popular because it is vegan. It is popular because it is tasty,” says Massimo—who, having conceded to the possibility of a vegan biscotti being tasty, immediately reasserts his Italian-ness by recommending the cookie be paired with espresso.