Sea salt and vanilla chocolate truffles

Fresh vanilla ganache laced with sea salt and enrobed in milk chocolate

They might seem unlikely bedfellows, but there’s history between salt and love: one which has run through folklore and theatre for centuries. The origin of the tale remains shrouded in mystery, but the basic plot is of a father who challenges his three daughters to compete as to who loves him most. One daughter, the youngest, claims she loves her father as meat loves salt—and is subsequently banished, her father having misinterpreted her declaration as an insult. Only years later when, disguised, his daughter serves him meat that has not been salted, does the father realise the error of his ways.

Which brings us to salted chocolate—or, more precisely, to Hayleigh Bazelya’s sea salt and vanilla chocolate truffles at Chocolicious. Fresh vanilla ganache, laced with sea salt and enrobed in a milk chocolate case they are, like the meat, edible proof that to love someone ‘like salt’ is to love them very much indeed. It is to love in a way that enhances not just the object of your affection, but yourself, too: as the salt hones the chocolate with its sharp, seaside tang, so the chocolate combination takes the edge off its acerbity. “The flavours are complementary: savoury and sweet together is a really nice contrast,” Hayleigh enthuses. Yet for this relationship to move into the romantic sphere, it needs one final ingredient: a soupçon of chemistry.

Cue, the vanilla. “The salt and vanilla together change the consistency of the truffle, so it is chewy inside,” says Hayleigh, “almost fudgy.” Indeed, one could even say the vanilla helps bring the salt and chocolate together, just like romantic chemistry. “It’s a lovely texture,” she continues and, biting through the creamy milk chocolate into the squidgy smoothness of the truffle, with the round warmth of the vanilla kicked into touch by a salty pinch, we can’t help but agree. Buy two, if you’re with someone—and two even if you’re not.