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From Field and Flower’s honey highlights

Chestnut flower (Italy)
A dark, almost woody honey with a smoky quality to it, created from the flowers of trees high up in the Piedmontese Alps. Not as sweet as other honeys, it’s a good glaze for roast meats and the perfect partner for blue cheeses.

Yucatán flowers (Mexico)
Made by stingless bees that forage on thyme, wildflower, avocado and cactus blossom, this honey has a deep amber colour, a smooth texture, caramel notes and some lingering acidity. It works well with yoghurt, on porridge, or with poached apples or pears.

Orange blossom (Spain)
Gentle and sweet with a velvety texture and orange notes on the finish, this comes from orange blossom groves in southern Spain. It is fantastic for cake baking (hello, orange drizzle), sweet and sour cooking or simply with iced tea or yoghurt.

Raw heather honey (UK)
Bees that forage on the ling heather of Exmoor produce a highly perfumed honey, with strong heather notes and hints of caramel or amaretto. It’s fab with cheese (anything with ‘bite’), game or toasted tea cakes.

Tasmanian leatherwood (Australia)
Western Tasmania boasts some of the world’s cleanest air and water and is home to the leatherwood tree. The honey is amber in colour, with an intense floral flavour and a resinous texture, perfect with bread and cheese. Incidentally, it has also been traditionally used as a hangover cure!