Truffle and burrata tortelloni

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A touch of luxury to keep the January blues at bay

At a time of year that so often is defined by abstinence (from meat, dairy, alcohol, sunshine and seemingly general merriment) we’d like to propose an alternative; one that’s much more likely to help keep the January blues at bay. Stick to simplicity by all means, but do so with the best ingredients you can find—and perhaps a little touch of luxury.

We can think of few combinations that better fit that bill than the silken egg pasta parcels stuffed with milky cheese and truffle from La Tua Pasta—a surefire way to brighten your day amid all the mediocrity and moderation.

“It’s a new product, but cheese and truffle is a classic combination,” says stall manager Giuseppe. “We are constantly testing out recipes and with burrata getting more and more popular in Britain, we decided to try using it instead of our traditional ricotta, and it works very well”—so well, in fact, the burrata and truffle tortelloni won the coveted Golden Fork Award at 2017’s Great Taste Awards, described by judges as “beautifully simple… perfect parcels of flavour”. Giuseppe beams: “It is in the top 50 food list, so we’re very proud of it!”

Bona fide Italian
The ingredients are, as you’d expect, bona fide Italian: “The burrata, a creamy mozzarella-like cheese, is from our Italian supplier,” Giuseppe continues. “The black truffle is tuber aestivum, which will have been harvested in the summer. We make it into a paste adding a little cream, but that’s it. Our pasta is 100 per cent natural. We don’t use short cuts.” Indeed, every little delicate parcel is freshly made overnight and folded by hand—“every individual tortelloni”—in their London kitchens, to be delivered each morning.  

Better yet, all that’s required on arrival home is three minutes’ cooking in salted boiling water—“once it bubbles to the surface, it’s done”—and perhaps some mushroom sauce; though in Giuseppe’s opinion, that would only serve to gild the proverbial lily: “Serve it with good olive oil or butter, and some proper parmesan—it’s as simple as that.”