Truffle crackers

Christmas crackers filled with great chocolate, not bad jokes

Unless you’re willing to spring for something super fancy-schmancy, Christmas crackers are, on the whole—well, pretty naff. If only we could bin off the indeterminate build-your-own toys and bad jokes (you’ve heard enough of those at your Christmas party, no doubt) and fill them with something like… exquisite, hand-made, chocolate truffles. Enter So Chocolicious.

“We design the crackers and have them made especially for us, then fill them with So Chocolicious favourites,” says owner Hayleigh Bazelya, who handmakes each and every chocolate in her Wimbledon kitchen. “Though if a customer wants to choose their own, we’re happy for them to do that!” We duly do. Feeling especially festive, this being the Friday before Christmas, we pick out the merriest we can find: dark truffle with a slick of champagne, cinnamon with a burst of juicy blackberry, and a few tempting slabs of cranberry and almond—“people always come back for those,” Hayleigh grins, “they’re a Christmas special.”

Should you need any excuse for extra treats, not only do these fine truffles taste pretty darn exceptional, their story is, too. “All the chocolate comes from Ghana, from farms that are part of the Cocoa Horizon Project,” Hayleigh explains. “They give back to that particular area by educating the farmers and their children, and taking steps to empower women and enable them to cope on their own.” They taste good, they do good. No bad jokes necessary.