Valentine's magic cakes

Aptly-named, naturally sweet sponge cakes from Konditor and Cook

Chocolate? Too clichéd. Cards? Too complicated, their ability to convey strong feelings often so inadequate as to have the opposite effect. Flowers are okay, if you can disregard the symbolism of their being dead and bedraggled before the week is out and even then it implies a slight want of romantic imagination. So we’ve a better idea: this Valentine’s Day, say it to your loved one with cake.

Specifically, say it with Konditor and Cook’s magic cakes in a Valentine’s theme: small cakey cubes with hearts, kisses, lips, and an array of suggestive phrases piped in lusty colours on the top. Look deeper (and one should always look deeper when it comes to love) and you’ll find rich fondant icing, marzipan, apricot jam and fluffy sponge made with organic lemons and free range eggs.

“The eggs are from an organic farm,” says Sarah. “It’s important the chickens run free.” Indeed, the same could be said of any loving relationship, which one could argue resembles cake in several pertinent ways.

A preference for naturalness
Like love, a good cake demands proportion, sensitive timing, and a preference for naturalness where possible—and you can’t get more natural than the ingredients at Konditor and Cook, which are organic, ethically sourced and involve absolutely no preservatives.

“The combination of marzipan and fondant means the cake stays fresh for quite some time, without preservatives,” Sarah explains. The apricot jam and zingy lemony sponge offsets the marzipan’s warm, nutty presence and the sugar rush of fondant.

But it’s the décor that makes it: the white chocolate lips, the marzipan hearts, the lurid pink and yellow icing that jumps out from the sea of non-descript schmaltz and tickles your eyes and your tastebuds. Forget saccharine. These aptly-named magic cakes are naturally sweet.