Whisky bomb

A dark, dense explosion of chocolate and scotch

“I have been waiting all year for this,” says Michael at Konditor & Cook, easing a dark, dense wedge of cake into the waiting box. ‘This’ is a whisky bomb cake: a chocolate and orange sponge spiked with Scotch whisky and covered with what his colleague has dubbed ‘marzipan drapes’.

It certainly looks like a bed spread, the soft, luscious folds of cocoa-dusted marzipan spreading out across the soft sponge like a gently ruffled blanket, rich with the promise of deep sleep and lazy mornings. Don’t be deterred by the ‘bomb’ reference: while the whisky is unmistakable, it is by no means explosive. Even those who don’t love whisky as much as Michael does will enjoy this number, which to no one’s surprise won a Great Taste Award a few years ago.

It is chocolatey—“really, really chocolatey”—fudgey, yet somehow also light. You could have more than one slice, is what we mean, though you might regret it afterwards. It is low maintenance: “don’t keep it in the fridge, and don’t warm it up. It needs to be room temperature,” says Michael – but if you wanted to serve cream or ice cream with it, no one would complain.  Equally, if you need more whisky, then a wee dram served straight up alongside the bomb wouldn’t go amiss around midnight. It is Hogmanay after all. Might as well bring in the new year with a bang.