Winter spiced hot chocolate

Rabot’s much-loved winter warmer, with a festive twist

Nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and cloves—that’s what gives you a jolly red nose, according to the old English folk song. Substitute the cloves for chocolate and add hot, frothy organic milk, however, and you also have the ingredients list for the winter spiced hot chocolate they’re pouring at Rabot 1745.

“We use our milk chocolate as a base,” says Rosie at Rabot: conched in house from their signature, single origin cocoa and blended with 50 per cent milk and sugar for that smooth, silky sweetness. It’s the perfect counterfoil for the rich, woody blend of spices whose heady aromas lift the chocolate-scented air as Rosie stirs.

Those who wish to can gild the liquid lily with cocoa whipped cream, white chocolate balls, and a chocolate snowflake on the side: it is, after all, the season. For our part, we’re content with just the steaming, spicy chocolate and the jolly red effect it has on our noses—a comically nasal addition to Borough Market’s sparkling Christmas lights.