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The Borough Market Cookbook is subtitled ‘recipes and stories from a year at the Market’ and the sense of time’s march across a 12-month period is central to its structure. Through its pages, you can follow the shifting seasons and their effects on the Market’s produce, people, ambience and festivities. Ed Smith narrates this journey, bringing it to life with a bulging collection of highly seasonal recipes designed to make the most of the exceptional ingredients offered by the Market’s traders. This bestselling book also contains a short history of the Market and essays on food ethics, seasonality, and the new ideas that find their form within food markets.

At Borough Market, the question of where our food comes from is central to everything. Borough Market: Edible Histories takes that question and runs with it. Across 15 highly entertaining essays, Mark Riddaway travels back through the centuries to tell the fascinating, surprising stories of some of the everyday ingredients found on our stalls. Discover how our strawberries had their roots in a clandestine trip to South America by a French spy whose surname happened to be Strawberry, why three-quarters of Britain’s late-18th-century intake of tea was sold on the black market, and what Sigmund Freud found so fascinating about eel genitalia. Most importantly, discover why these stories from the past still matter to conscious consumers today.

Borough Market: The Knowledge is rooted in the passion and expertise of the traders who form the beating heart of the Market. Across eight chapters, each devoted to a different category of stall, from the butchers to the greengrocers to the cheesemongers, that collective knowledge is brought to life through more than 80 recipes by Angela Clutton. With warmth and clarity, Angela explores how the traders’ expertise can be brought to bear in turning Market produce into stunning dishes. The book also distils their wisdom into features, interviews, tips and guides that demystify unfamiliar ingredients and processes, and explains not just what to buy (and why) but how to store it, cook it and serve it.