Cider brandy & orange spritz

by Leah Hyslop

A refreshing aperitif made with British cider brandy

The UK is currently besotted with Italian aperitif the Aperol spritz, and no wonder—it’s deliciously refreshing. But there are plenty of British spirits that make an equally good base for a spritz, and you’ll be supporting native producers, too. This aromatic ‘Brit spritz’ is made using New Forest-based The Cider House’s luscious cider brandy, a drink perhaps more usually associated with cold nights around the fire, but which is just lovely lengthened with soda and topped with mint.


10 large leaves of mint, plus sprigs to garnish
60ml cider brandy
2 tsp honey, dissolved in 2 tbsp boiling water
Juice of an orange, plus extra wedges to serve
Soda, to lengthen


Put the leaves into a cocktail shaker, and bruise gently with a muddler or end of a rolling pin, just to release the flavour.

Add the cider brandy, honey and orange juice plus plenty of ice, and shake vigorously.

Strain into two large, preferably goblet-style glasses filled with ice, and top with soda to taste. Garnish each one with a mint of sprig and wedge of orange.

Recipe: Leah Hyslop