Coriander cabbage slaw

by Ed Smith

A winter salad with zing


450-500g January king cabbage or 300g hispi cabbage
100g black radish or fiery breakfast radishes
½ an apple
1 medium red chilli (approx 20g)
25-30g picked coriander leaves
40g unsalted, skin-on peanuts
Juice from 1 lime
5g fresh ginger, grated
5g golden caster sugar
1 tbsp fish sauce
1 tbsp sunflower oil
A pinch of coarse sea salt


You probably need only half a cabbage for this—a little goes a long way (or 1 hispi cabbage plus a wedge of red cabbage).

Remove the core of the cabbage(s), and shred as finely as you can. Put this in your largest mixing bowl.

Use a Japanese mandoline to slice the radish to 1-2mm thin pieces. Arrange these on top of each other, then cut into matchsticks. Do the same with the apple and add to the shredded cabbage.

De-seed the chilli and slice as finely as you can. Add to the cabbage bowl, then roughly chop the coriander leaves and add these as well.

Put the peanuts in a mortar and tap a few times with a heavy pestle—enough to just break them open a little, rather than crush. Add these to the cabbage.

Make the dressing in a separate bowl by mixing all of the remaining ingredients, then pour this over the cabbage. Mix well. Leave for 5 mins, mix again, then serve—you can make it in advance, though it’ll wilt a little after 30 mins (but then remain the same for 24 hours or so when kept covered in the fridge).

Recipe and images: Ed Smith