Hot & spicy chilli chicken

by Chetna Makan

Deep fried marinated chicken with an onion and pepper sauce


Sunflower oil, for deep-frying

For the marinated chicken:
50g plain flour
10g cornflour
½ tsp chilli sauce
1 tsp soy sauce
2.5cm piece of fresh root ginger, peeled and grated
2 garlic cloves, grated
2 large eggs, whisked
500g chicken breasts, cut into 2½cm pieces

For the sauce:
2 tbsp sunflower oil
4 garlic cloves, grated
2 small green chillies, halved
2½cm piece of fresh root ginger, peeled and grated
5 red onions, thinly sliced
1 green pepper, thinly sliced
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tsp rice wine vinegar
1 tbsp chilli-garlic sauce


To prepare the chicken, combine the flours, ½ tsp salt, chilli sauce, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, eggs and 2 tbsp water in a bowl to make a marinade and add the chicken pieces. Cover and leave to marinate for 1 hour.

Heat enough oil for deep frying in a deep-fat fryer or heavy saucepan to 180C, ensuring the pan is no more than ⅓ full. Once the oil reaches temperature, remove the chicken pieces from the marinade and fry in batches for 3–4 mins, until golden brown.

To make the sauce, heat the sunflower oil in a wide saucepan set over a medium heat. Add the garlic, green chillies and ginger and cook for 1 min, until fragrant, then add the onions and cook for about 8–10 mins, until golden brown. Stir in the green pepper and cook for 1 min, then add the soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and chilli sauce, ½ tsp salt and 2 tbsp water. Mix well.

Add the fried chicken pieces to the sauce and give it a good stir. Serve hot with rice or chow mein, if you like.

Recipe: Chetna Makan 
Image: Nassima Rothacker and Keith James