The French Comte

Cured meats, Dairy & eggs, Borough Market Online, Three Crown Square

Fabien Joly and Florent Gacon are a couple of young Franc-Comtois with a passion for food, wine and the artisan traditions of their native region of France. They come from a long line of famers and craftsmen who have been producing food and running market stalls for generations.

They bring the flavours of the mountains to Borough Market, including slow smoked saucisse de morteau, a delicious amber-coloured pork sausage that follows a traditional method from the 16th century. Look out for cancoillotte—a little known runny cheese flavoured with champagne, garlic, vin jaune or walnuts. 

Order produce from The French Comte and other selected Market traders for collection or delivery via Borough Market Online.

For more information and to order online, visit The French Comte website.