Beery fish soup with sweet onions

by Alix Caiger

A light and creamy dish from Alix Caiger


150g sliced brown onion
Olive oil, for frying
400ml fish stock
300ml light citrus beer (such as a lemon saison)
200ml cream
20g butter
30g flour
400g mixed fish, including prawns
1 lemon
A handful of chopped parsley


Start by slowly cooking the onions in a little olive oil on a medium heat. Make sure they don’t catch. After 5 mins, add some salt and pepper and continue to cook. While they are cooking combine the stock, beer and cream in a separate pan and warm up.

When the onions are done add the butter to the pan, then add in the flour when melted, and cook for 1 min. Remove the pan from the heat and add the liquid, slowly stirring all the time. The liquid should thicken a little.

Return to the heat and cook for 3-5 mins. Season well—this is the base of your soup. Finally, add in the fish and allow to cook for 5 mins until just done. Season with lemon and parsley.

To serve, ladle into the bowls and serve with bread.

Recipe: Alix Caiger