Mackerel & watermelon ceviche

by Jenny Chandler

A simple no-cook summer supper

Curing fish with citrus juice is heaven, as long as your fish is truly fresh—and that’s what the Market is all about. White fish such as seabass is more commonly used for ceviche, but mackerel makes a superb and economical alternative.


500g mackerel fillets, pin boned
500g watermelon flesh, skinned, de-seeded and sliced
½ red onion, sliced
1cm ginger, very finely diced
1 fresh chilli, sliced into fine needles
1 tbsp fresh coriander
2 limes, zest and juice
3 tbsp good quality rapeseed or avocado oil
A pinch of cayenne pepper


Cut the fish into thin slices, almost as you would smoked salmon (using the skin to slice against while holding the fillet together). Place the mackerel slivers on a large flat dish, along with the watermelon.

Now scatter with the red onion, ginger, chilli, coriander, lime zest and droplets of the oil. Squeeze over the lime juice, and season with cayenne and salt.

You can eat this straight away, but I prefer to wait until the fish has ‘cured’, turning from translucent to opaque (after about 30 mins).

Recipe: Jenny Chandler