Mango lassi

by Jenny Chandler

A sweet and refreshing traditional Indian drink

Make the most of the Indian mango season (it runs from late April until June) by snapping up some of the alphonso mangoes on sale in the Market and whizzing up a traditional lassi. Fabulous for breakfast, as a snack or after a curry. 


2 ripe, medium size mangoes (about 300g flesh)
2 cardamom pods
250ml natural yoghurt
5-6 ice cubes
1 tbsp honey to taste
2 tbsp unsalted pistachios, chopped, or a sprig of mint


Peel then cut up your mango flesh. Crack open the cardamom pods with a pestle and mortar, remove the outer husk, and grind the tiny black seeds. Put the mango and crushed cardamom in to the blender with the yoghurt, ice cubes and ½ tbsp honey.

Blend the fruit until smooth and then have a taste. You may need a bit more honey, but the drink doesn’t need to be too sweet. If the lassi seems very thick just add a splash of milk or water. Pour into glasses and sprinkle with pistachios, or serve with a sprig of mint.

ALTERNATIVE: Add banana to the lassi—not authentic but very tasty.